About The Show:

    5 friends send a rocket to space with a collection of recordings on it, documenting the world’s decline, their experiences living on a doomed earth, the stories they want to tell, and their efforts in building a rocket to get this message to the stars. They wonder what their world will have become by the time their message is listened to. What will be left of a planet that has destroyed itself? What will be left of the people who lived there? What will become of their stories? What will be here?

    Cast and Crew


    Brad Colbroock (they/them/he)

    Brad Colbroock is rumored to be a human who works in lab which conducts highly reputable scientific research. This claim is unsubstantiated and should be taken with a grain of salt. There is much greater evidence that they are a voice actor, appearing in the Haunted Hell House of Horror and Aster Podcasting’s Scary Stories Anthology. They can also be found among the cast of Novitero, Christmas Buffet Roulette, and Sector Ø, and occasionally lurking among such shows as Under The Electric Stars, Sage and Savant, and Sticks Shift Incorporated. They’re currently working on their own upcoming podcast about space train while juggling sound work for Sector Ø and Zebulon Podcasts. Brad can be found on Twitter as @holographicVA and at holographicva.carrd.co.

    Chandler Harrison (she/her)

    Chandler Harrison is a teacher, voice actor, writer, singer, and artist based in Baltimore, Maryland. Her voice can be heard in Project Ozma, as well as Di's podcast, Hero's Guide! In her free time, she enjoys writing thinkpieces about Naruto and the Hellenic gods, or spends her time singing on her YT channel and posting art to her IG: @squickyart.

    Cole Burkhardt (he/him)

    Cole Burkhardt currently resides in Washington D.C and has been voice acting and producing audio for over three years. He is the Creator and Co-Producer of the Piece of Cake Podcasting Network, a network devoted to helping people of color within the podcasting industry. He has been in a variety of podcasts including Godshead Incidental and Unplaced and is the writer and director of Null/Void. When he's not voice acting or editing audio, hes going to conventions across the East Coast, discussing gender and sexuality in video games and anime. Find Cole on Twitter at @KingColeMiner and at coleburkhardt.carrd.co.

    Di Reese (she/they)

    Di Reese is a self-proclaimed artist, podcaster, and all-out disaster. Originally from Atlanta Georgia, she moved to Cali to get her life in order and arguably succeeded. When she’s not fantasizing about the apocalypse and rather or not she’d survive- she writes for her own podcast Hero's Guide and runs an art blog on Instagram @doodles_by_di.


    Tal Minear (they/them)

    Tal is a SoCal based podcaster who cannot be stopped from making things. A Mechanical Engineer by day, they can be found working on audio fiction by night. Tal is the producer of Sidequesting, What Will Be Here?, Light Hearts, and Someone Dies In This Elevator, and is working on several upcoming projects for Parazonium Podcasts and The Shadow Network. Their voice can also be heard in audio fiction shows such as Novitero, The Path Down, Deconstructive Criticism, and more. Tal does sound design for Seen and Not Heard, Surreal Love, and their own podcasts, among others. They occasionally write for other shows, including The One Stars and The Ace Audio Archive, and they write about audio drama production on Medium and for Discover Pods. Find them on Podchaser here and follow them on Twitter @starplanes.